Terms of Use

The Privacy and Terms of Use pages both contain some sample text that must be reviewed and edited by your organization.  It's important to have these for legal reasons.  If you have a merchant account, the merchant account provider typically requires these pages to be here, as well as information on the organization's refund policy, shipping policy, physical mailing address, and phone number. These are part of PCI compliance, which you can read more about here.

Need to edit this page or remove this section?  In the admin area, go to Content > Page Content and search for the name of this page.  You'll see a Content & Layout button on the right.  Click to edit the section labeled Introduction, and then you can modifications or delete this section.

The content below is sample content and not intended for use as is. You are advised to review with your attorney. Your merchant account provider will require certain points to be covered, such as your payment and return policies. Copyright handling should be discussed, contact information posted, along with general legal sections, such as warranties and liability, indemnification, jurisdiction, etc.


Refunds for event registrations are made, if requested, up to 5 business days prior to the event. Membership fees and donations are made, if requested, are refunded up 30 days after the payment is received