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  Sudden Uptick in Fraud Risk Raises Eyebrows. Read More

  Real Estate Broker Sentenced for Role in Sweeping Mortgage Fraud Conspiracy Read More

 Delaware County Owner of Mortgage and Title Companies Sentenced to Five Years in Prison for Defrauding Lenders Read More

  Former apartment manager in Detroit pleads guilty to taking bribes. Read More

  Rental Scammer Ordered to Repay  $5.2 million to Deceived Consumers. Read More

  Real Estate Attorney Sentenced for Fraudulent Short-Sale Scheme. Read More

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Elder Fraud Prevention Guide


Fannie Mae - Common Red Flags of Fraud. Resources to Help You Combat Mortgage Fraud Fannie Mae is committed to working with industry partners to help combat fraud by offering the following list of common red flags that may indicate mortgage fraud. Inconsistencies in the loan file are often a tip-off that the file contains misrepresentations. The presence of one or more red flags in a file does not necessarily mean that there was fraudulent intent. However, several red flags in a file may signal a fraudulent transaction. Read More

Equifax The New Reality of Synthetic ID Fraud.
How To Battle the Leading Identify Fraud Tactic in the Digital Age. Read More

Fannie Mae - Fraud Schemes and Their Characteristics.
Straw Buyers. Air Loans. Double Sale. Property Flip. Ponzi/Investment Club/Chunking and more schemes. Read More

Freddie Mac - Preventing Mortgage Fraud. Best Practices To Protect Your Business From Mortgage Fraud.
Key Resources, Reporting, Common Schemes. Read More.

CoreLogic - 2017 September Mortgage Fraud Report. National Overview. Fraud Risk Factors. Highlights by State and Georaphy. Read More.

Schemes. There are a number of reports that address potential schemes. Research shows that the information varies depending on the source, as some sources work with different parts of the industry and/or different parts of the mortgage manufacturing process. Read More.