Smith and Wong indicted for 56 counts; under investigation by FBI

03/21/17. (Source: Kaum News) Unsealed in the District Court of Guam today, two men have been indicted in the federal court for 56 counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and theft of government property, to name a few. Attorney Mark Smith was hired by GHURA as legal counsel in March 2011, and was prohibited from receiving funds directly or indirectly during his term. Read More

Fraud On The Rise in Mortgage Applications

 March 27. 2017 Fraud and misrepresentation in mortgage applications is on the rise, according to new data from First American Financial Corporation.

According to First American’s Loan Application Defect Index, the frequency of defects, fraud and misrepresentation in mortgage applications was up 4.1% month over month in February. It was also up 1.3% year over year, although it was still 25.5% lower than its peak in October of 2013. Read More